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29 Things for 29 Years

Last night, I had one of those "oh my god, I'm going to be T W E N T Y N I N E" moments where I didn't totally know how to process it.

Society tells me I'm wilting away with it being the last year of my twenties - my brain spiraled with thoughts of, "Have I achieved enough? Am I where I should be in life? When is the last time I got Botox... is it time again?" - I literally googled yesterday (unrelated to that string of thoughts) "Average net worth of a 28-year-old" to see if I was on track.

Another part of my brain was like, "heck yeah. I'm T W E N T Y N I N E. That's a solid number. I've got solid footing in my life. I'm doing good things." And that's the part I want to hold on to - it feels better than the first set of thoughts ;)

I've never done one of those "things I've learned in 29 years" lists, so I thought it would be a fun little exercise and quick birthday blog to reflect on nearly three decades of existing on this planet. Bear with me; it will probably be cheesy.

In no particular order - here are 29 things I've learned in 29 years:

1. Start somewhere.