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Five motivation hacks everyone needs in their life

Ahhh motivation. Where is it? How do we get a piece? It’s so hard to find sometimes, isn’t it? It’s no different in pageantry because you literally have to rely on yourself to get what you need. You rely on yourself to do the work when nobody’s watching, to go on stage knowing you put in all the prep work you possibly could have, and knowing that you are the person you have to answer to when you walk across that stage. You have to rely on yourself to take care of your body and mind to even be able to do all of the work that goes on behind the scenes.

What I do day-in and day-out proves itself in the end, but friends, I’m here to tell you that you are absolutely capable of kicking up the motivation a notch and a lot of it is about tricking your brain in the moments when you feel low.

Here are a couple of “cheat codes” to get your brain back in gear and crush your goals. We’re going to start pretty simple and then get a little deeper by number 5.

1. MUSIC! I am so motivated by music, legitimately I have a playlist I created that gets played super loud when I need some energy or drive and I have this specific rule that anytime I listen to it: I am going to be in a good mood. Period. Whenever I’m on my way to an event and you see me jamming out in my car, you’ll know I am pumping myself up and getting those endorphins flowing! Lifehack – when you’re trying to get up earlier in the morning, set your alarm to your favorite song; it’s a guaranteed way for you to wake up in a good mood! I love Christmas music so I have Alexa play it as my alarm in the mornings and let me tell you, if you haven’t been utilizing Alexa for this, you need to do it! She’s amazing at helping throughout your day with little reminders. Works like a charm. So, whether you’re trying to get the motivation to work out or just want to set the tone of your day, I recommend a catered playlist to set the tone.

2. Sticky notes. Yep, you heard me right! One of my favorite little tips centers around sticky notes! I have them around my entire house and they all have smiley faces on them because think about it, if you see someone smiling, what are you automatically going to do? Smile back! It’s a little brain trick that I love and it truly fuels positivity into me daily. So simple! I’ll also do a few here and there with little notes of who I aspire to be or notes to myself that encourage me. One of my favorites is on my bathroom mirror and it says, “If you want better, take exceptional care of what you have.” I love that! It motivates me every morning to do my laundry and take care of the home or the body I have because if we want to level up, we need to take care of, and appreciate, what we have already been given.

3. Exercise. This is one that my doctor told me back in November, and I literally rolled my eyes and told her, “yeah right.” She told me consistent exercise would help with my mood and also with some chronic pain I’ve been dealing with and I detested it for a while thinking it couldn’t possibly be that simple. News flash: it is. Moving your body even for just 15 minutes a day can help boost your endorphins, get your blood flowing, and give your eyes and brain a break from screen time if you really put your blinders on and give yourself that time to reset (or… back to cheat code #1, amp yourself up with a dope playlist!)

4. Squash the nasty voice in your head. Being aware of that little voice is the first step in itself. Sometimes it's that voice that keeps us from doing the simplest of tasks. That little gremlin will zap your motivation and inspiration before you even start! And that’s not fair! You can challenge that negative perception and train your brain. To flip the script, think about the thing you’re dreading and visualize doing that task in your mind. Now imagine the memory getting smaller and dimmer, now add new details to the memory that change it. Make it fun, make it silly, make it seem less threatening, and allow it to grow and get brighter. Imagine being engaged and really enjoying what you’re doing. Do this maybe like 5-10 times and see how you feel about it after that. You might be surprised.

5. Make the good stuff really good. Kind of on the flip side of #4, let’s tap into your positive memories and make them even better. Another visualization exercise for ya - remember as vividly as you can a fulfilling memory of succeeding or accomplishing a big goal. Imagine this as if you were watching it on a giant IMAX screen. Make it super bright and loud! Now just as if you were turning up the volume on your favorite song, turn up the positive feelings you’re experiencing. Again, do this a few times and what was once just a feel-good memory is now a driving motivation. The more you experience that memory, the more you want to feel it and make it real again.

Bonus tip: If you’re putting off something you need to do, and you know it will take less than 3 minutes, just do it. It’s a rule I have set for myself. Starting the laundry? Less than 3 minutes. Making a shake to start off my morning so I won’t get cranky in the afternoon? Less than 3 minutes. Responding to that email I’ve marked “unread” 4 times? Less than 3 minutes. Make it a rule for yourself, too, and open the door to mico-productivity and boxes checked off your list!

Final thoughts: I had something written on my mirror for a very long time and it said, “Remember why you started” and I think that’s so important for any person on this earth. Why did you start? Why are you here? What feelings did you have when you first began? Hold on to those feelings, let those feelings run your heart and your soul because those are the feelings that will take you so far in this life. On those hard days when you don’t feel like doing the work, or you’re thinking about the naysayers who criticize you, or you didn’t treat your body very well that day, remember why you started. There will absolutely be hard days, guaranteed. But the beauty is that you’ve survived 100% of them, you’re still here and you’re still breathing. Nobody is immune from a tough day, but the days you struggle are the days you learn lessons. Those are the days that build you.


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