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Annika Wooton, recognized nationally for her speed painting talent, has rapidly become a sought-after artist in live event entertainment. Specializing in creating vibrant paintings in real-time, Wooton's work spans brand activations, conferences, NBA and WNBA halftime shows, college events, and more worldwide.


Wooton first gained public attention as Miss Kansas 2019 and 2020, where her unique talent in speed painting, including a notable 90-second portrait of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, distinguished her during her tenure. This achievement contributed to her Top 15 placement at the 2020 Miss America Competition and earned her a non-finalist talent award.


Currently affiliated with Prism Talent Agency, Wooton has expanded her professional footprint. Her live performances captivate audiences across various platforms, from sports arenas to corporate events, showcasing her ability to blend artistry with entertainment seamlessly.


Aside from her art, Wooton also engages in motivational speaking and serves as a consultant and mentor with Crown the Nation. In partnership with Juven Nava, she provides individually tailored coaching plans, guiding young women through their pageant journeys. Her initiative, Beyond the Crown, focuses on coaching pageant competitors toward discovering their purpose and defining success on their own terms.


Annika Wooton remains at the forefront of the live event entertainment industry, continuously pushing the boundaries of speed painting and its place in modern art and audience engagement.

Meet Annika

Annika Wooton, Speed Painter, Miss Kansas
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In Her Own Words

Annika Shares Her Passion Behind Her Art

"The rush of transforming a blank canvas into a vivid masterpiece in just a couple of minutes is exhilarating. Speed painting is not just an art form for me; it's a challenge, a performance, and really, a way of connecting with people in the way that I know best - art.  Speed painting literally happens right before our eyes and forces me to be in the moment and tap into my creativity and skill just like an athlete in the middle of a game-winning moment. It's an intense and spontaneous creation process every single time and honestly, it's what I love most about speed painting; It's live, unpredictable, and incredibly rewarding.

What really sets my speed painting apart is how I blend what I learned in art school with that buzz you get from live performances – something I guess I picked up naturally from growing up around the theater. It’s more than painting for me; it’s about weaving stories, sparking emotions, and crafting moments that stick with you way after the paint’s settled. Being Miss Kansas taught me a ton about performing when the heat's on and really connecting with people from all walks of life. That’s poured so much depth and connection into my art. Every painting is a journey we’re on together – me, you, everyone watching. That moment when everything clicks, and we all share that gasp of wonder? That’s the magic. That's what keeps me going.

Speed painting has opened up a world where art becomes an event, a spectacle, and a dialogue. It's where I've found my voice and my calling, blending speed, precision, and passion to create something truly magical. And that’s exactly what I’m aiming to share with you in every stroke I make – a slice of that enchantment, a sprinkle of the stuff you didn’t see coming, and a kind of connection that sticks with you, well beyond paint on a canvas."

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