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Let me introduce you to my WHY

Why you do something is just as important as HOW or WHAT you do. That’s always been my belief. It’s the fuel that goes behind everything. The thing that gets you out of bed on those terribly cold winter mornings and the reason for all those late nights and jam-packed schedules. In my own experience, it’s been the thing that single-handedly picked me up when I got knocked down, made me come back for more when I fell short, and had me putting on a smile when I felt disappointed, but it drove a fire inside of me to “try one more time.”

What’s my WHY currently? I’m not done yet. That’s it. I’m simply not done.

Everyone has their reason for what they do, whether it be their family, a promotion they're going for, the trip they’ve been dying to go on or that raise they have been chasing. Maybe it’s to always be better, improving your health and fitness, etc. and mine is so simple yet so complicated. I’m not done making a difference in the world.

The greatest growth I’ve ever seen in myself are those moments I look back on and think, man, I really went through some hard times, and in those moments, I thought it was the worst thing ever; but looking back on it, it fueled me and taught me so many valuable life lessons that I’m grateful for! Those life experiences in the times I've felt the most pressure and put myself out on the line were the times I've felt that I've made the biggest impact or made the biggest strides. In fact, now they fuel me to not be afraid of a challenge or getting uncomfortable because I know I’ve been through situations like this before. I get it, it’s so much easier said than done but if you’re reading this, you can go through the same self-growth I go through each time I get a little uncomfy or out of my element.