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Confessions of a Pageant Competitor: Battling Imposter Syndrome 💭

I'll never forget the days leading up to each of my pageant competitions when doubt crept in, whispering in my ear that I didn't belong on that stage. With just a couple of weeks to go before the state competition, my brain would start to play tricks on me, as if I really had time to change anything or back out at that point... right?

Imposter syndrome hit hard, year after year, making me question my worth, my abilities, and if I was really good enough to be Miss Kansas. It was like a record that kept scratching and playing the same lines over and over again that tried to chip away at my confidence. But let me tell you something: those feelings were nothing more than a little voice in my head that wasn't real.

As I've talked to women getting ready for their own competitions, they've asked me if I ever got imposter syndrome and I say, "GIRL, YES. And if I could only tell you how many other people feel the way you do...!" You are not alone in feeling like this. I know Miss America's who have felt this way even when they're halfway through their year of being, well, Miss America. But just because you're not alone, doesn't mean the feelings aren't incredibly valid. So I tried to break down some tips to battle the little voice in your head in the final countdown to the crown.

In the final weeks before the competition, it's SO important to get your head in the game, and unfortunately, that's also the same time that those insecurities feel a little bit louder for some of us. So, how do you overcome imposter syndrome? Here's what I've learned along the way:

1️⃣ Embrace Your Journey: Remember, you've earned your place here. Every step, every challenge, and every triumph has shaped you into the incredible competitor you are today. Embrace your unique path and how much you have grown throughout the journey before you even step foot on the stage.