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The Beginning of the End: Farewell Photoshoots

It's that time of year when state titleholders are doing their final photoshoots and the beginning of the end starts to really feel real.

The farewell photoshoot is a benchmark moment in a titleholder's reign that represents the transformation from the freshly crowned girl, full of eagerness and spring-like energy, to a woman who has served her state and community and is proud of the legacy she has built and is ready to punctuate this chapter with an epic photo to capture it all.

The experience itself is often pretty emotional (as expected) and it's really hard to keep the images a secret before the big reveal - whether that is the program cover, a social media post, or part of the pageant week's production media.

This may come as a shock (but probably not) but I was a bit of a rule-breaker when I was Miss Kansas 😅 I wasn't technically supposed to have a farewell shoot - it just isn't a thing in Kansas - but I wanted to commemorate my two years with an epic photoshoot with my teen queen. I didn't think the team I wanted to use would be approved, so I decided to ask for forgiveness instead and coordinate the farewell shoot of my dreams.

Tres Jolie hooked me up with the most gorgeous liquid-beaded golden gown, LaRue Artistry slayed my face, Jessica with