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Moving To Wichita

In this week’s blog, I get to brag on my home state a little bit and tell you why I decided to make the move to Wichita. As you’ve read in previous blogs, I was born in Kansas, moved to Virginia when I was five, then came back for school at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. I stayed there for my tenure at college and then for an entire year afterward in my first big professional job. After that I moved to Wichita when I became Miss Kansas America in 2019; real talk, I never planned to stay in Wichita for as long as I have, my plan was to move to another city after my year was completed. It’s funny how the plan you have in your head usually isn’t the one that happens, but it was all for the better!

I had five cities in mind to move to, but how do you pick which one to go to? My plan was simple, I was going to write them all down, put them in a hat, and pick one! Sounds a bit scary right? To me though, it was exhilarating not knowing which one I’d pick, and truthfully, I was going to be super excited with any one that I chose. The pandemic came and showed its face and really took us all for a wild ride, right? When that happened, it was a time for me to just be still and meditate on what I really wanted; I knew I wanted to help and be involved in my community. I love the pandemic for this reason - it brought me to where I am now and gave me the stillness that I needed to take a breath and slow down.