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Dear Forevers: It’s Complicated.

Before we get started, I want to say that I started writing this blog after several conversations with Formers (Forevers) where I was hearing, time and time again, stories of feeling like they “should” be doing one thing or another or “should” be feeling certain ways after stepping out of the limelight. And an overwhelming sense of complex and unresolved feelings that surround a pivotal chapter of our lives.

This blog is peeking behind the pristine red curtain and addressing some raw feelings that are not uncommon but are uncommon to openly talk about in the world of crowns and gowns.

So if you’re in for that ride - let’s dive in…

There’s this sentiment that it’s ridiculous to be anything less than loyal after what this organization has given each of us through scholarship, opportunity, or a title we wear for a year. And to add to that - an expectation of blind devotion after passing on the crown that doesn’t take into account the complexity of the human experience.

I just simply disagree with that.