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Annika no es ajena a la responsabilidad de ser titular, ya que sirvió al estado como Miss Kansas en la Organización Miss América durante un reinado sin precedentes de 2 años durante la pandemia. Comprender el papel de una figura pública, oradora motivacional, representante de marca y modelo a seguir para las mujeres jóvenes en todo el estado y el país se ha convertido en una parte esencial de la vida cotidiana de Annika. En su función de tiempo completo, se desempeña como directora de operaciones de Lead for Kansas, una afiliada de Lead for America y un programa que está desarrollando a los futuros líderes de nuestras comunidades, estados y países, comenzando con un año de servicio en AmeriCorps. en casa. Dado que los jóvenes abandonan el estado a un ritmo exponencial, Annika ha encontrado el propósito de incorporarse a la próxima generación de líderes a través de la tutoría, la programación y la colaboración durante el lanzamiento del programa de afiliados de Kansas. Con experiencia en las artes, Annika es una ávida pintora, modelo y diseñadora gráfica, que colabora con empresas y creativos de todo el país.


Annika Wooton, Speed Painter, Miss Kansas
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In Her Own Words

Annika Shares Her Passion Behind Her Art

"The rush of transforming a blank canvas into a vivid masterpiece in just a couple of minutes is exhilarating. Speed painting is not just an art form for me; it's a challenge, a performance, and really, a way of connecting with people in the way that I know best - art.  Speed painting literally happens right before our eyes and forces me to be in the moment and tap into my creativity and skill just like an athlete in the middle of a game-winning moment. It's an intense and spontaneous creation process every single time and honestly, it's what I love most about speed painting; It's live, unpredictable, and incredibly rewarding.

What really sets my speed painting apart is how I blend what I learned in art school with that buzz you get from live performances – something I guess I picked up naturally from growing up around the theater. It’s more than painting for me; it’s about weaving stories, sparking emotions, and crafting moments that stick with you way after the paint’s settled. Being Miss Kansas taught me a ton about performing when the heat's on and really connecting with people from all walks of life. That’s poured so much depth and connection into my art. Every painting is a journey we’re on together – me, you, everyone watching. That moment when everything clicks, and we all share that gasp of wonder? That’s the magic. That's what keeps me going.

Speed painting has opened up a world where art becomes an event, a spectacle, and a dialogue. It's where I've found my voice and my calling, blending speed, precision, and passion to create something truly magical. And that’s exactly what I’m aiming to share with you in every stroke I make – a slice of that enchantment, a sprinkle of the stuff you didn’t see coming, and a kind of connection that sticks with you, well beyond paint on a canvas."

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