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Annika Wooton is a speed painter, motivational speaker, pageant consultant, and life coach for women who have participated in the pageant industry wanting to approach the next chapter of their journeys from a holistic approach to reinvigorate the sparkle, passion, and purpose in their lives beyond the crown.
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Live Painting

Annika Wooton is a nationally-recognized speed painter who creates colorful and creative performance paintings for a variety of audiences. She has created paintings in as little as 90-seconds, to capturing a room over the course of an hour with vibrant entertainment that is sure to capture your audience's attention.


Beyond the Crown

Do they say you're a "forever" but you feel like a "yesterday"? If you want to find purpose in life beyond the crown, but don't want to lose that sparkle and passion within your life, this is for you. I created Beyond the Crown to support women holistically throughout their journey in pageantry - and beyond.

Crown the Nation

We all have heard that saying, "wear your invisible crown." At Crown the Nation, we wholeheartedly believe that. Some girls walk into the room and they know, they are THAT girl, but some girls don't. Our goal is for you to know that YOU ARE THAT GIRL. Whether in the board room or on that stage, we will help you master the skills you need to close the deal or win the crown.

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